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Hunter's Sausage Mix Hunter's Sausage Mix

Enjoy both Hot & Mild Hunters in this mix!
(2 / 4.5 Bags)

Our Price: $81.00

Kielbasa Special Kielbasa Special

Kowalski Kielbasa Special, 5# of Fresh Kielbasa and 5# of Polish Kielbasa

Our Price: $65.00

Deluxe Sampler Deluxe Sampler

Kowalski Deluxe Sample includes a little something for everyone: 1-1lb Polish Kielbasa, 1-15oz Natural Casing Franks, 1-1lb Skinless Stadium Kielbasa, 1-20oz jar of Just Sweet Nuff BBQ Sauce, 1-15oz Natural Casing Stadiums, 1-1lb Smoked Sausage, 1-15oz Ring Kiszka, 1-14oz Garlic Ring Bologna and 1-Kowalski Pierogi T-Shirt.

Our Price: $55.99

Kowalski Pierogi Variety Eight Pack Kowalski Pierogi Variety Eight Pack

This package contains 2-1lb packages of the following flavors: Kraut, Cheese, Potato and Cheddar, and Potato.  Product will be shipped Frozen.

Our Price: $56.00
Sale Price: $46.00
Savings: $10.00

Sausage Extravaganza Sausage Extravaganza

All Sausage Lovers unite for this extravaganza of sausage! Starting with the smoked sausage, then adding the authentic flavor of our polish kielbasa, all the way to the bun sized fun.

Our Price: $46.00

Traditional Assortment Traditional Assortment

2-1 lb packages of the following: Smoked Sausage, Holiday Kielbasa, and Polish Kielbasa
If Holiday Kielbasa is not in season then we will substitute one additional package of the Smoked Sausage, and Polish Kielbasa.

Our Price: $43.00

Polish Favorites Polish Favorites

Includes: 1-9oz Polish Mustard, 1-1lb box of Potato, Kraut, Cheese, and Potato Cheddar Pierogi, 2-1lb Polish Kielbasa

Our Price: $42.00

Zygmund's Best Zygmund's Best

This box offers five pounds of our world famous Fresh Kielbasa, an 8.5 oz. jar of White Horseradish and a 9 oz. jar of Polish Mustard.

Our Price: $42.00

Everyone Wants to Party! Everyone Wants to Party!

Invite your friends over and fire up the grill, its time to party! This Variety Pack includes 2 lbs of the following:
Skinless Franks, Natural Casing Stadium Kielbasa and Natural Casing Franks

Our Price: $40.00

Super K Dog Delight Super K Dog Delight

Two of each of the following: Kowalski Natural Casing 15oz, Skinless Franks 16 oz, and Skinless Stadium 15oz.

Our Price: $39.00

BBQ Binge BBQ Binge

Includes the following; 1-1 lb Smoked Sausage, 1-1 lb Skinless Franks, 1-14 oz Plain Ring Bologna 14 oz, 1-15 oz Natural Casing Franks, 1-1 lb Natural Casing Stadiums, 1-16oz Jar of Just Sweet N Nuff BBQ Sauce

Our Price: $38.00

Outdoorsman Outdoorsman

Includes the following: 1-15oz Natural Casing Stadium, 1-15oz Natural Casing Franks, 1-1lb Skinless Stadium, 1-14oz Plain Ring Bologna , 1-14 oz Garlic Ring Bologna, 1-16oz Jar Just Sweet N Nuff BBQ Sauce.

Our Price: $38.00

Ring Rapture Ring Rapture

For the ring lovers delight, smooth finely chopped, smoked and cooked meat with mild spices. Contains selected cuts of Pork and Beef. Distinguished by it's even texture, consistency and color. This Variety Pack includes: 2-14 oz Packages of Garlic Ring Bologna, 2-14 oz Packages of Regular Ring Bologna, 2-15 oz Packages of Kiszka Rings.

Our Price: $38.00

BBQ Blowout BBQ Blowout

Here's a little bit of everything to satisfy your grilling needs. The BBQ Blowout Variety Pack includes the following: 1-16 oz Package of Smoked Sausage, 1-16 oz Package of Skinless Franks, 1-15 oz Package of Natural Casing Stadium Kielbasa, 1-15 oz Packages of Natural Casing Franks and 1-9 oz Jar of Polish Mustard.

Our Price: $37.00

Ring in the Sauces Ring in the Sauces

Here is a little something for the ring lovers: 1-20 oz jar of Sweet N Spicy BBQ Sauce, 1-20 oz jar of Sweet N Nuff BBQ Sauce, 2-14oz package of Garlic Ring Bologna, and 2-14oz packages of Regular Ring Bologna

Our Price: $34.99
Kowalski Variety4 Pack Pierogi Kowalski Variety4 Pack Pierogi

This package includes 1-1lb box of the following: Potato, Cheese, Kraut, and Potato Cheddar
Will be shipped Frozen.

Our Price: $28.00

Lost in the Sauce Lost in the Sauce

A variety of Kowalski delicious sauces:
1-20oz jar Sweet Nuff BBQ Sauce, 1-20 oz jar Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, and 1-20 oz jar of Sweet N Sour Madarin Sauce

Our Price: $20.00